Hello and welcome to! Here you will find codes mainly designed to help make your speedrun practice much more efficient. There are many available codes to use. You can choose between using a pre-compiled cheat file or create your own and customize the button activators to your liking. If you plan to make your own codes you will need to compile a GCT file yourself however. You can either use the Gecko Code Manager or use the Online GCT Creator from

If you make your own cheat file it is unlikely that you will be able to fit as many codes as there are in the pre-compiled files unless you know what you are doing. Parts of different codes are reused in order to lower the amount of total lines used thus allowing for more to be added in. All of the codes listed in the Code Database are made so that they will work simply on their own. Which will overall add additional lines where some of the codes use the same ones.

Code Database

The Code Database allows you to view all available codes for a specific game. As well as see some information about each code and what it does. You'll want to know exactly how to use it otherwise you may end up with a code that just doesn't seem to work. So lets get to explaining.

On the Code Database page you will see five boxes.




If you select a game and/or version that does not have codes available for it the code list will not be populated and will have a red background.

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Activator Description:

Input Buttons:

Code List

Code Description

Gecko Code


The Information section has additional information about codes that are not listed in the code descriptions in the Code Database. Such as the table of locations the Set Warp Code can take you to. There is also a activator list for the pre-compiled cheat files. However for specific details about a code use the Code Description in the Code Database.


The downloads section features all things you may need to use these codes. Such as homebrew apps. As well as the pre-compiled cheat files if you choose to not make your own.


The changelogs show when something has changed. Whether something has been added, removed, modified, etc. For Master Quest only unique changes are listed. Everything on the Ocarina of Time changelog also applies to Master Quest.


Lists of RAM Addresses that may be helpful for creating custom codes.


Contains alternate ways to play to make it more challenging to complete. For example Damageless for Majora's Mask. Where the goal is to beat the entire game, start to finish, without ever taking any damage.

Gecko to Lua

A Gecko Codes to Lua Script converter. This converter is no where near complete, however. For more advanced codes it will not provide properly working Lua Script and many codetypes are blacklisted as I do not know how they work.