Majora's Mask: Beta Quest Via Gecko Codes, By Jimmie1717

Beta Quest is an exit randomizer. Entering a loading zone will take you some where completely different than normal. It is, however, possible to have an exit randomize to itself. The randomization is seeded. Meaning using the same seed will yield the same randomization.

Playing Beta Quest:

By default a seed will generated for you. Otherwise make up your own and enter it then click download. This will generate a GCT File and prompt you to download it. Simply boot Majora's Mask with these codes and play the game. That's it!

The seed and randomizer options are included in the URL. For racing against others just copy/paste the URL to ensure they get the correct seed.

Additional Information
New Files
Start with both Song of Time and Ocarina of Time.
Default Spawn
Entering the bottom of the Clock Tower.
Loading a File
Will always take you to the Default Spawn. Even if it's an Owl Save File.
Entering and Exiting will take you to the same exit. This is due to the way exiting a grotto works.
The Deku Palace Grottos are the only exception to this. As exiting grottos there work like a normal exit. Making entering and exiting these different.
Uses the last exit you spawned at to calculate a new one.
For example, you spawn at Termina Field (from South Clock Town). Dying will be the same as if you are in South Clock Town and exit to Termina Field.
Song of Soaring in a Dungeon
Because of how Song of Soaring works in a dungeon if the player is warped into a boss room using the song will be the same as entering that boss room not the dungeon main entrance.
Magic Meter
If you do not have the Magic Meter then all Fairy Fountain exits will take you to the Clock Town Fountain.
Once you have obtained the Magic Meter you will be able to get to the other four Fountains.
In general this is not random. However there are special cases that work as a normal exit and those are included in the random exits.
For example, voiding at Snowhead near the Owl Statue which spawns you at the default scene exit which is the same as coming from the Path to Snowhead, or the Murky Water voids at Great Bay Coast, etc.
Taking Epona on an adventure can result in the game sometimes crashing. To prevent this she is removed on every exit.
Darmani's and Mikau's Memories
These cutscenes are suppose to be skipped and take you straight to getting the mask. However due to the way these cutscenes trigger the codes usually fail to actually skip them. The player will still get the masks afterward.
Giant's Cutscenes
These cutscenes will play like normal after entering the blue warp in a dungeon. Afterward you will warp some where else.
Soft Reset Code
Allows the player to get back to the title screen while keeping the codes active as using the Reset button on the Wii will remove the codes from RAM.
Gamecube: X + B + Start
Classic: X + B + Plus
Nintendo 64: C-Right + B + Start
Z Target/Slash Colors
These cannot be manually set. There are preset colors and they are randomly chosen based on the seed.
Excluded Exits
Lost Woods
This one likes to randomly crash.
Pre Clock Tower
In general this one is only accessiable from Lost Woods so I just took it out as well.
Non-random Exits
Mayor's Residence (from showing Couple's Mask)
So the player can get the Heart Piece.
Treasure Chest Shop (from Minigame)
So the player can get the Heart Piece.
Top of the Clock Tower
This exit can result in the C-Buttons all being unusable forcing the player to lose all Cycle progress.
Deku Playground (from Minigame)
So the player can get the Heart Piece.
Milk Road/Romani Ranch (Cremia's Cart Ride)
So the player can get the Romani Mask.
Clock Tower (from Deku leaving Link)
So the Player can get Deku Mask.
Clock Tower/Termina Field (Moon Crash)
This exit results in the player losing all Cycle progress.
Romani Ranch (Horse Archery)
So the player can get the Epona's Song.
Romani Ranch (Defeat Aliens)
So the player can get the Milk Bottle.
Great Bay Coast (from Mikau's Memories)
So the player can get the Zora Mask.
Great Bay Coast (Fisherman's Game)
So the player can get the Heart Piece.
Zora Cape (from Giant's Cutscene)
To prevent the player from being locked out of an exit. Subsequent use of this exit doesn't get randomized.
Doggy Racetrack (from Race)
So the player can get the Heart Piece.
Cucco Shack (from Raising Chickens)
So the player can get the Bunny Hood.
Southern Swamp (Boat Cruise)
So the player can get the Witch Archery Heart Piece.
Waterfall Rapids (Starting/Ending Race)
So the player can get the Bottle and Heart Piece.
Ghost Hut (Start/End Battle)
So the player can get the Heart Piece.
Tourist Information (from Boat Cruise)
So the player can get the Witch Archery Heart Piece.
Stock Pot Inn (from Grandma Story)
So the player can get the Heart Pieces.
Stock Pot Inn (Conversation with Anju's Mother)
These exits are very time specific and most may not even know about them.
Bomb Shop
So the player can get Bomb Bag and Bombs.
Giant's Chamber
So the player can get Oath to Order and clear areas after dungeon completion.
Goron Graveyard (from Darmani's Memories)
So the player can get the Goron Mask.
Goron Racetrack (Start/End Race)
So the player can get the Gold Dust Bottle.
North Clock Town (from Blast Mask)
So the player can get Blast Mask.
Known Issues
Default Spawn Void
After loading a file and being taken to the default spawn if the player voids the game may softlock or crash. This seems to be a quirk of Wii Virtual Console?
Getting thrown out of Pirates' Fortress
In both cases (Interior and Exterior) neither seem to get randomized.

Create a Beta Quest:

Tunic Top
Tunic Center
Tunic Bottom
Tatl Inner
Tatl Outer

Item Randomizer
Spoiler Log
Enable this to download codes for the Item Randomizer.
Enable this to download the Spoiler Log.

Any spaces and non-alphanumeric characters in the seed will be removed before it is used.
The seed can at most be 25 characters long.
The seed can be seen in-game by inspecting the Ocarina in the pause menu.
This only works on Majora's Mask NTSC-U 1.0. (and probably most hacks based on this version)

Item Randomizer

I wonder how you will fare against the horror that is the random number generator…
For playing Beta Quest on the current Item Randomizer. (by DeathBasket v1.2)

Spoiler Log

This contains a list of the original exits and what they were randomized to. The spoiler log is appended below but is collasped by default.

Spoiler Log