Gecko OS Wiibrew Application by Nuke, brkirch, Y.S, and Kenobi
Nintendont Download Gecko OS Allows you to run import games and cheat codes.

Where to put files

Application Files:
Cheat File:
SD:\codes\<Game ID>.gct
Optional Background Image:

<Game ID> is the a unique ID for the specific game. Virtual Console Channels only use four characters where as Gamecube and Wii games use six. This is provided in the Code Database as well as whenever you download a precompiled GCT File here from it will already be named correctly for you.

The background image is what will be used for the background in Gecko OS if it's found. Otherwide it will just use it's default backgound.

Launch Channel

On the main menu of Gecko OS there should be a "Launch Channel" option. Not to be confused with the "Launch Game" option which will only load the disc in the Wii's Disc Drive. If there is not then you will need to patch IOS36 in order to get it. This can be done with the Simple IOS Patcher also linked in the downloads. Launch Channel allows to to specifically launch Virtual Console Channels. Without it you will not be able to play a channel with cheat codes through Gecko OS.

Applying Cheats


Starting a Game