Nintendont Wiibrew Application by FIX94
Nintendont Download Nintendont 3.387 Allows you to run Gamecube games on a Wii or Wii U from an SD Card or HDD.

Where to put files

Application Files:
SD or HDD:\apps\nintendont\boot.dol
SD or HDD:\apps\nintendont\icon.png
SD or HDD:\apps\nintendont\meta.xml
SD or HDD:\sneek\kenobiwii.bin
Cheat File:
SD or HDD:\codes\<Game ID>.gct

<Game ID> is the a unique ID for the specific game. Gamecube games use six characters for their IDs. This is provided in the Code Database as well as whenever you download a precompiled GCT File here from it will already be named correctly for you.

Note that with Nintendont 4.x that the kenobiwii.bin file is no longer needed to play with cheats. However, the cheats run at their own independant framerate instead of with the game's framerate. This makes some of the framerate dependant codes impossible to use like the Rupee Count Code.

ISO Games

If you are going to be playing a game from an SD Card or HDD Device you need to place the file in the right location and with the correct name.

SD or HDD:\games\<Name> [<Game ID>]\game.iso

<Name> can be anything you want.

Note that the game.iso file need's to actually be named "game". If it is not Nintendont will not be able to find it.

Applying Cheats


Starting a Game