Gecko to Lua Script

Gecko Code

Lua Script

Convert values to Decimal? Addresses (or anything used to calculate an address) will remain in Hexadecimal.
Floats are automatically converted since Lua Script doesn't seem to have a native function to do this. 5 decimal places are used and they are rounded.

Only enter the Hexadecimal Gecko Code. Remove the Code Title and Comment if you have entered one.

Enter the code in the Gecko Code format. CTXXXXXX YYYYYYYY (17 characters per line where the center is a space).

Comments are placed in the Lua Script for each Codetype with the Line number. This is so you can tell what Lua Script corresponds to what Line of the Gecko Code. Some comments may provide additional detail.

Not all Codetypes are converted with this as I do not know how all of them work.
Blacklisted Codetypes include: 46, 4E, 60, 62, 64, 68, 8A, 8C, A0, A2, A4, A6, C0, C2, C6, F2, F6.

Althrough I know how to use the 66 Codetype I don't know a good way to convert it to Lua Script. Instead a comment is placed in for this Codetype telling you what Line of the Gecko Code it would jump to if it's reached. Keep in mind this is a literal jump to the Line it says. It does NOT matter if the Line that it is jumping to is contained in an If statement, it will go to the Line and continue executing line by line from that point.
A similar thing applies to the A8, AA, AC, AE Codetypes. If the code type is reached but execution status is false the counter for the code will be reset to 0. I can't think of a good way to handle this. As of right now a comment is placed into the code stating that it would be reset if the code is not reached.