Gecko Code Manager Windows Application by Link

Gecko Code Manager is a Windows application for managing codes and creating the GCT File. There are two versions included in the download. Version 1.2 is a little more updated but functionally they both do the same thing. When creating a GCT File it can be exported straight to an SD Card. Version 1.2 however puts the file in the wrong location where as the original puts it in the correct location. Version 1.2 however keeps track of how many lines are being used with all the codes you currently have turned on. Which is useful as the limit is 425 lines so it can make it easy to tell if you have to many codes.

Click here to download the Code Manager.

Within the Gecko Code Manager you can create and add codes. From there you can save them to at text file. By doing it within the application itself it will format the codes in the text file on it's own. However it's generally easier to just create the text file and edit it with a text editor.

File Format

The Code Manager reads plain text (.txt) files for the code list and follows it's own format. Each of the following parts needs be separated by a blank line.


<Game ID> The unique ID for the game
<Game Name> The name of the game


<Name> The name of the section

Code (turned off)

<Code Name> The name of the code
<Comment> A comment for the code

Code (turned on)

<Code Name> The name of the code
* <XXXXXXXX> <YYYYYYYY> A code line
<Comment> A comment for the code


<Comment Title> The name of the comment
<Comment> The content for the comment

Example File

The following is an example of a file for the English version of Majora's Mask with a few codes and comments in it.

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

Gecko Codes for Majora's Mask NTSC-U with the Gamecube Controller as the controller activator.


Moon Jump
* 29303CA2 00FF0300
* 28F1B5B0 FFF70008
* 0531CEF8 40C80000
* E0000000 80008000
D-Up (Inclusive)
Only during gameplay.

Super Speed
29303CA2 00FF0300
28F1B5B0 00000001
0531D960 41B00000
E0000000 80008000
4x normal walking speed.
Only during gameplay.


Small Keys
0110C81A 00030001

* 28F1B5B0 00000C00
* CC000000 00000000
* 0310C7F6 00001414
* 0110C7FC 00000001
* E0000000 80008000
X + Y On/Off
Default to Infinite.

What this file will look like when you open it in the Code Manager:

☑ Moon Jump
☐ Super Speed
☐ Small Keys
☑ Explosives
A Comment
A Section, These codes apply directly to Link
A Cheat, this is turned on by default
A Cheat, this is not turned on by default
A Section, These codes have to do with infinite quantities
A Cheat, this is not turned on by default
A Cheat, this is not turned on by default