Majora's Mask: Love Costs Money Challenge by Jimmie1717


Everytime a load occurs in game you will lose one Heart Container. This means everytime you transition between scenes, die, void, etc you will lose a Heart Container. Obviously collecting Pieces of Heart will not allow you combat the loss of Heart Containers as there are simply too many loads throughout the game. So you are probably wondering how will you get more so you don't run out? Simple, you buy them!


Beat the game. However feel free to try other goals as well.

Starting a File

Starting a new file will place you in the Clock Tower with Ocarina of Time, Song of Time, and the Magic Meter. The Happy Mask Salesman will already be set to be there, however you will not be able to survive getting Deku Mask and Song of Healing from him with just 3 Heart Containers. So you'll have to come back later...


0 Heart Containers

If at any point you hit 0 Heart Containers you will be sent back to the Title Screen. This will cause you to lose any progress you have made since last saving your game. So make sure to keep an eye on how many you have left.


You probably have realized that cutscenes can have several loads in them. Will each one still take a Heart Container? Yes, they will. So make sure you have enough to survive the cutscene before entering it.


Two image versions of this challenge are available:


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